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Design is my passion. Design of anything + everything.

I've always had a natural eye for it. The education I've taken has enhanced this eye + expanded my knowledge on pretty much everything in life.

Through seven years of post secondary education involving fine arts, business, architectural technologies + interior design, I gained extensive knowledge behind all aspects of design, granting me the confidence to start my 'MARCHdesigns' journey. My eye for colour, cohesiveness​ + sense of space, both digitally & physically, grew immensely through these studies + I'm excited to explore + share this knowledge with my clients.

My goal is to help bring your vision to life, in whatever area of design it may be. In all areas, I hope to exceed your expectations when it comes to your project. Perfection is key to me. Like I said, this is my passion - it doesn't feel like work, as I thoroughly enjoy every part of it.

- Brooke


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